Check your privilege in social reimagining

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This is just a short note — more as a place holder for myself more than anything. But thought I would put it on here as I might add more to this as I go — and of course, welcome thoughts/additions from others.

In times of anxiety, I say this with love. There are a LOT of initiatives at the moment around social reimagining: the opportunities our current times provide us to strengthen care in and amongst us, to care for those that are vulnerable. However — if those that are doing this reimagining, are in positions of colonial, patriarchal, identity, economic, ability or any other forms of privilege — I urge the following.

Equitable social reimagining can only occur if, in that reimagining we also consider/provoke a different role that those in the majority/privilege hold. If your reimagining continues to have your roles as the centrality — then we are not paying attention to a status quo that is fast dismantling. If you talk about not replicating past inequality — then consider how in these new futures, your role/influence might be from a different position. Consider not doing the reimagining with those that share similar privileges to yourself. Consider those that fall in- between clearly delineated lines of vulnerability or need. Ask those that are minoritised/marginalised and not just in the obvious ways and — honestly, just find ways to step to the side.

I cannot bear reading more threads/blogs/writing that affirm a majoritied lens, even with the best of intentions. We are all doing our best, but please don’t write more pieces about equity/justice if you’re writing it from a position that doesn’t consider a different role for yourself, whatever that might be.



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Aarathi Krishnan

Humanitarian Futures and Strategic Foresight Advisor. Interested in cultural, indigenous, feminist & decolonising futures. All views my own